Corrugation Inserts

Corrugation inserts are used to protect boxes from damage during shipping. They provide additional strength and stability to box and prevent product from shifting around inside. The inserts are made from paperboard and cardboard which are both recyclable materials.  These are designed to fit inside boxes and provide additional support for fragile items.

  • Protects against damage during rough handling 
  • Allows for optimal support and protection for delicate items
  • Offers a clean, professional look
  • Durable corrugated inserts

Best Used With

  • Overview

Corrugated dividers are used to separate items within a box or package. They support and protect the box's contents while allowing air to flow through it. The dividers keep the contents separated and prevent damage to the product during shipping. Corrugated inserts are used to separate products within boxes. They are made from corrugated cardboard which is strong and durable. The corrugations provide strength and rigidity to the insert.