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We Provide Various Kinds Of Cosmetics Packaging

Makeup is fun, but sometimes it can get messy. That’s why we created these custom cosmetic packaging boxes. They’re designed to keep your cosmetics organized and ready to go.

01 Step

Choose Your packaging

Simply choose from a range of packaging types and material offered by Think Ink Packaging. We also offer packaging material for fragile products.

02 Step

Packaging In Process

Once you have finalized the design of packaging, consider it done. Think Ink Packaging fulfills most orders in a period of 10 days only.

03 Step

Packaging Ready To Use

Once your product packaging is ready, we will inform and deliver it to you as well. In just three easy steps, your packaging is fully ready to use.

Get Your Free Consultation with Our Team of Experts

What if you could have a packaging consultation with a professional designer, to learn the secrets of what makes a successful product packaging design?

Variable Custom Effects and More Options of Custom Materials For Your Packaging Solutions

We offer a variety of options to help you design the perfect packaging solution. From print styles to die cuts, we have everything you need to customize your products. 

100+ Custom Styles You Can Choose!

The every custom box styles library offers various designs and sizes to fit your needs. You can choose between standard boxes, custom boxes, and even custom boxes with dividers. Our custom box templates are a collection of over 100+ box designs created by our innovative company. These boxes help brands develop new ways to package their products while maintaining brand integrity.

  • Card Stock
  • Special Effects
  • Coating
  • Lamination
  • Custom Inserts
SBS 1 Side Coated Cardboard
SBS 1 Side Coated
Chipboard Rigid Stock
SBS 2 Side Coated Cardboard
SBS 2 Side Coated
Texture Card Stock With Wooden Color
Texture Card Stock
Eco-Friendly Stock Natrual Boxes
Eco-Friendly Stock
Fine White Corrugation Stock