The process of debossing involves pressing a design onto a paperboard using a heated die. This creates engraved areas on the surface of the material, giving the impression of a debossed pattern. It’s often used to create decorative patterns on the packaging.

  • Create eye-catching designs
  • Engraved Touch
  • Ideal for logo, company name, and text
  • Increase brand awareness

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The debossing process involves using a special tool to press down on the material's surface without actually touching the ink. Add that extra touch with Debossing. The subtle shadows and highlighted text will stand out while the debossing process gives your package a clean, professional feel. You'll be able to make your logo or key messages more eye-catching with debossed effect. From corrugated and folding cartons to luxury rigid packaging, Debossing is the way to go!

Debossing Process