EVA Foam Inserts

This foam is made up of ethylene and vinyl acetate. EVA foam inserts are very strong and durable and are used for making box inserts. The most common use is in packaging. It is often used to make box inserts for electronics, toys, food, and cosmetics. It is very durable and flexible so it can be cut easily and shaped into any shape.

  • High-density EVA foam 
  • Protects delicate items during shipping 
  • Customized in various sizes Benefits
  • Durable material Benefits

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Protect your fragile items and close the gap between your products with our EVA Form Inserts. This high-density foam is helpful for every e-commerce company. Our EVA inserts fit perfectly in any shape and size of packaging boxes, including custom-sized boxes. We also offer custom cutting, so you can create a box that suits the product's needs.