Kraft Card Inserts

The Kraft card insert is a great way to protect your product and keep it safe while on display. It’s also a great way to present your product in a new way. Fancy dividers and brown card insert to ensure your finished packaging stays strong & stunning inside/outside. Kraft card inserts are cheaper than cardboard inserts.  

  • Protects delicate items from being damaged during shipping
  • Eco-friendly and durable Kraft card
  • Ideal for displaying a package in a box
  • Can be customized

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The Kraft card insert is a great and cheap way to protect your product from damage during shipping. It’s also a good idea to use brown card inserts if you want to make your packaging look nice. You can get custom Kraft card inserts made to fit any size package. Our brown card inserts are perfect for e-commerce, retail, and wholesale products. We offer the lowest rates for custom inserts and the best customer service. Contact us today for a fast turnaround with a free quote.

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