Rigid stock is made from recycled materials and is used to create luxury packaging for products ranging from apparel to retail and cosmetics. It is strong enough to withstand rough handling and shipping without breaking down.

  • Chipboard Stock is recyclable
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Used for Luxury Packaging
  • Stronger than corrugated
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Chipboard is a type of cardboard used to make luxury boxes and crates. It comes in several grades, depending on how much-recycled content it contains. The most common grade is chipboard white, which is made from 50% recycled fiber. This is the most commonly used heavy-duty stock because it is strong enough to hold heavy loads without breaking. It comes in various thicknesses and is often used to ship items like clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics.


Duplex chipboard

Duplex Chipboard

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Grey Chipboard Cardboard