Texture Card Stock

The texture on the card stock gives it a professional look and feel. It’s perfect for business cards, invitations, and any type of custom box where a smooth finish isn’t needed. It’s used in packaging because it makes the package look nicer and feel better. The textured card is made using specialized machines which create a pattern on the surface of the paper. The texture gives the paper a three-dimensional look and feel. It is often used for packaging and gift wrapping.

  • Available in different textures
  • Premium Texture card
  • Great for printing
  • Great for gift boxes

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Textured is a luxurious, smooth textured card with a silky surface. Printing is perfect for printing to make unique paper bags, boxes, and more. The texture helps maintain the natural characteristics of the paper, allowing you to create an elegant product with texture and depth. This Card Stock, available in various textures and finishes, is ideal for all types of specialty printing and as a foil-stamped and embossed card stock. Different coatings can be added to maintain surface color or for other specialty printing projects.

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