10 Custom Boxes for Unique Unboxing Experiences

Custom Mailer Boxes
Custom Mailer Boxes

With the help of custom boxes, you can turn your packaging into a memorable experience for your customers. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching display for retail products or creative ways to package gifts. Custom boxes are an effective and creative way to take your packaging game to the next level. We’ve got 10 inspiring designs here for you to learn from!

Select Custom Box Type & Measurements.


Before you start designing your custom box, it’s important to consider the type of box and its dimensions. You’ll need to select a type of box that will adequately store and protect the items you’re packaging. Additionally, you’ll have to decide on the dimensions of the box. If you’re shipping items that vary in size, then opt for adjustable or collapsible boxes where different sizes are offered. Additionally, be sure to determine weight specifications as well, if applicable.

Design Custom Box Artwork.


It’s important to personalize your custom boxes by adding branding artwork. This could include logos, illustrations, or even fun facts about your company. Put some thought into how you want the artwork to look and try out a few different ideas until you find one that works well for you. Keep in mind that intricate artwork won’t necessarily be visible once the product is shipped, so consider a bolder design with simpler elements.

Provide Matte/Gloss Lamination for Durability.


For maximum durability, you should also provide matte or gloss lamination for your boxes. This gives them a smooth and glossy finish, making them look more professional while also protecting them against wear and tear. This type of protection is especially useful if you’re shipping your products overseas or through an unsecured postal service. Laminating gives your packaging an extra layer of security and ensures that the product arrives in perfect condition at its destination.

Enhance your Packaging with Embossing & Hot Stamping.

Custom Printed Bags
Custom Printed Bags

Add a luxurious finishing touch to your custom packaging by using embossing and hot stamping techniques. This is especially useful for logos and company information as it adds an elevated feel to the package, distinguishing your brand from other companies. It also increases visibility by making information more legible, which adds a bit of personalization to the box as well. Embossing and hot stamping can be done in gold, silver, or almost any color you like – making it perfect for creating unique boxes that will tantalize customers with anticipation from the moment they receive them.

Add Custom Inserts & Labels for Extra Styling Options.


Try sprucing up your boxes and making them stand out with custom inserts and labels. With the use of label printers, you can create custom tags or labels to further brand your boxes, add information, and explain details about products or services, including product specs, gift messages, and more. You can also add paperboard dividers to easily organize items on the inside of the box for extra shelf appeal. These design elements work great as long-term branding solutions that will reinforce your company message and create a lasting customer experience from start to finish.

Showcase your brand with custom boxes!


Have you ever opened a package and begun to feel excited when the design of the box caught your eye? Well, now it’s easier than ever to showcase your business with custom-made boxes that display unique branding. From vibrant colors to specialty cushioning, these top 10 picks offer something for every product delivery.

Kraft Gift Boxes

Custom Printed Gable Bags
Custom Printed Gable Bags

Get the classic Kraft look with these rustic gift boxes. The brown paper exterior of these gift boxes gives a natural and organic feel to the unboxing experience, while the crisp white interior adds a modern touch.

Metallic Luxury Postal Boxes


For an extra luxe unboxing experience, consider these contemporary custom mailer boxes. With statement-making metallic gold, silver, and rose gold colors, these chic boxes make your products look more high-end. The velvet lining of the interior creates a striking contrast against the glossy exterior for a unique sense of elegance with each use.

Cardboard Gift Boxes with Handle


Cardboard gift boxes with a handle make excellent packaging for luxury goods. These sturdy boxes offer an eye-catching look with their glossy finish, while the ribbons and handles allow your customers to add that special touch when gifting to their loved ones. It’s easy to customize these luxury gift boxes to feature your logo and company colors, making it a great choice for branded packaging.

Folding Carton Box


If you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated way to package your products for gift-giving or special promotions, the Folding Carton Box is a great choice. It features both a matte and glossy finish, as well as embossed accents that grab the eye and create an impressive presentation. Printed with your logo and business name, this box will stand out in any lineup.

Magnetic Gift Box with Velvet Interior Lining


Make a lasting impression with this Magnetic Gift Box. Providing a luxury unboxing experience for your customers, the box features velvet interior lining and is made of heavyweight paperboard, with reinforced magnetic closure to secure the flap and keep contents safe. With a custom look and adjustable internal foam or dividers based on your product needs, this classy box provides an ideal option for shoppers looking for the perfect way to present their treasured gifts.

Ask for Samples Before Placing Your Order


Before you decide on a particular product, be sure to ask for a sample to get an idea of the quality, texture, and materials being used. With online ordering, you don’t have the luxury of actually seeing and touching the finished item. Samples can give you a much better understanding of what you will be buying and help ensure you are happy with the outcome.

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